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No Joint Custody for Brad Pitt and According to Angelina Jolie

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0920-angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-getty-6The divorce battle rages on. This is starting to become on of Hollywood’s most contentious divorce and it is showing no sign of slowly down. The latest chapter to this crazy saga is that Angelina Jolie has turned turned down Brad Pitt’s request for joint custody and wants Pitt to have very limited access to the children with monitored visitations.

 TMZ reported previously that Pitt, 52,  filed his response to Jolie’s petition and asked the judge to grant him shared custody of the children. When Jolie, 41,  filed for divorce in September she requested sole custody of Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox due to Pitt being an unfit father.  There is currently a temporary custody plan in place that requires Pitt to meet with his children only under supervision, and to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

And now Jolie is fighting against Pitt’s current petition to have joint custody. Basically they are filing petition after petition in regards to the custody of the children. Jolie believes that Pitt is abusive towards their children and the incident that caused the shocking split of Hollywood’s most A-List couple involved Pitt allegedly became verbally abusive towards on their children during an alcohol fueled rant on a private plane last September.

Jolie does not want to give Pitt any unsupervised visits with the children until he gets his act together and stops with his drinking. She does not feel like he has made enough changes in his life to give him unsupervised time with the kids. The divorce really caught him off guard and since it was announced that the couple is getting divorced, it seems like the fight for the kids is getting very heated.

Scottie Pippen and Wife Divorce Drama

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Scottie and Larsa Pippen DivorceThe divorce proceedings between former NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his soon to be ex wife  Larsa Pippen is getting really heated and starting to get even nastier.

When it was announced that they were getting divorced, it came as a shock to friends and family because the couple celebrated their 19th anniversary this last year. In early October Larsa made two phone calls to 911 claiming that Scottie was getting aggressive with her. She is heard reporting a domestic disturbance at her Fort Lauderdale, FL, home in the tapes.

The first call made on October 1, which TMZ posted features Larsa crying hysterically and asking for an officer to come to her house because her husband is being “really, really aggressive with me.” Scottie can be heard in the background saying that the domestic disturbance is verbal and not physical and that an officer does not need to come to the house. Larsa agrees with Scottie, but the dispatcher says one has already been called to the home.

In a second call made on October 4, was also released by TMZ, and Larsa can be heard telling the dispatcher that her husband has “gotten crazy again with me.” She says that her husband is breaking things and “just scaring me.” After this second call, Scottie filed almost immediately for divorce.

Now the couple is in the ultimate fight for the $50 million fortune and the future of their children. They signed a prenup in 1997 but both sides agreed to nullify it last year. She wants spousal support, the family home, tuition for their kids’ private schools and other stuff paid for out of the $50 million. Scottie also wants to move their 4 kids from Florida to Chicago and she wants them to stay put in Florida.

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