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Chris Brown’s ex-GF, Karrueche Tran is Getting Her Day in Court

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Poor Karrueche Tran, she has been trying to keep Chris Brown away from her but it has finally gotten to the point where she is desperate. For the last month she has been trying to serve him with a temporary restraining order but he has been able to avoid it three times in a row. Finally a judge granted an emergency order requiring Brown to stay away from her. Now she will get her day in court to try and make it permanent.

Last month, Tran was desperate to get a restraining order filed against Brown. Tran claims in a sworn statement to the judge, earlier this month Chris “told a few people that he was going to kill me.” She then says Chris told the friends if he can’t have her then no one else can, threatening he was going to “take me out” and “threatened to shoot me.” The document also goes on to say that a few years ago, Brown punched her twice in the stomach and pushed her down from stairs. This incident was a little while after the violent incident with Rhianna. It appears that Brown just keep on beating women and has never learned his lesson. Based on this statement, the judge issued a domestic violence restraining order that required Chris to stay 100 yards away from Karrueche, her mom and her brother.

Not only does Tran have a restraining order against him, but soon after her best friend also had to file a restraining order against Brown. Joseph Ryan La Cour says that Brown has been harassing and threatening him because he has beens standing up for Tran against Brown and his violent behavior. He listed a specific incident at P. Diddy’s Super Bowl party where Brown threaten to beat up La Cour. The judge order Brown to stay at least a football field length away from La Cour.

This Thursday, Tran will finally be able to face Brown in court and plead her case for a permanent restraining order. Brown has claimed that Tran is lying about the situation and Tran wants to set the record straight in front of a judge.

Hopefully, Tran gets her wish. This man has a history of violence and harassment against women. Apparently, he still is a human trash bag so we are rooting for you Tran!


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