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Chris Brown is Being Sued by a Woman who Claims She was Raped at his House

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Chris Brown lawsuit File this under “Chris Brown Continues to be a Human Trash bag”, because there is now another allegation against Brown and t
his is pretty graphic so reader be warned.

It was reported earlier that a young woman has come forward to allege that she was purposely trapped at Chris Brown’s house and was forced to join an orgy. She also claims that she was raped multiple times by the rapper Young Lo. The young woman says that the party was filled with illicit drugs and guns.

This young woman has now retained the high-powered attorney, Gloria Allred, and has filed a lawsuit against the singer. The young female was not named in the lawsuit but instead goes by the moniker “Jane Doe”. More details about that night have been made public for the documents filed by Allred and get ready folks, they are sexually explicit.

According to the documents, Doe met rapper Young Lo, birth name is Lowell Grissom, all the way back in February of 2017. They met all partying at the 1 Oak nightclub in LA. Doe was out with her friends and they all ended up back at Brown’s house for an after-party. Doe said once they entered the house, their phones were taken away and then the girls were given the drugs, Molly, cocaine, and marijuana.

As the party got going, Doe alleged that Brown had a lot of guns in the house and even had one tucked into his waist band. She also claimed that Brown was brandishing the gun at the party.

Doe aims that the party eventually moved into one of the bedrooms and that Brown instructed Grissom to bar the door with a couch. Brown began playing a porno on the TV, and then took off all his clothes and started to engage in sexual activities with the women in the room.

The lawsuit states that Doe and another woman did not want to participate and wanted to leave. Doe claims that she asked the leave but was denied. Then another woman at the party grabbed Doe by the throat and forced her to give her oral sex. The woman assaulted Doe and sat on top of her face. Doe was then forced to give the woman oral sex while she was on her period. Doe was mortified to discover that she was covered in blood once the woman removed herself from Doe’s face. While Doe was being forced to perform oral sex, she was also being molested and raped by Grissom multiple times.

During the time of the party, Doe’s mom became worried when she couldn’t get ahold of her daughter. The mom used tracking software on her phone to find her daughter’s location. The mom called the police with the address and when the police arrived, Brown denied them entry into the home.

Once Doe was able to leave, she went to a rape treatment center and reported the incident to the police. Her attorney believes that there was an investigation but no charges were filed.

Brown was not accused in the documents of sexual assault. Brown nor Grissom have responded to the allegations.

Chris Brown’s ex-GF, Karrueche Tran is Getting Her Day in Court

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Poor Karrueche Tran, she has been trying to keep Chris Brown away from her but it has finally gotten to the point where she is desperate. For the last month she has been trying to serve him with a temporary restraining order but he has been able to avoid it three times in a row. Finally a judge granted an emergency order requiring Brown to stay away from her. Now she will get her day in court to try and make it permanent.

Last month, Tran was desperate to get a restraining order filed against Brown. Tran claims in a sworn statement to the judge, earlier this month Chris “told a few people that he was going to kill me.” She then says Chris told the friends if he can’t have her then no one else can, threatening he was going to “take me out” and “threatened to shoot me.” The document also goes on to say that a few years ago, Brown punched her twice in the stomach and pushed her down from stairs. This incident was a little while after the violent incident with Rhianna. It appears that Brown just keep on beating women and has never learned his lesson. Based on this statement, the judge issued a domestic violence restraining order that required Chris to stay 100 yards away from Karrueche, her mom and her brother.

Not only does Tran have a restraining order against him, but soon after her best friend also had to file a restraining order against Brown. Joseph Ryan La Cour says that Brown has been harassing and threatening him because he has beens standing up for Tran against Brown and his violent behavior. He listed a specific incident at P. Diddy’s Super Bowl party where Brown threaten to beat up La Cour. The judge order Brown to stay at least a football field length away from La Cour.

This Thursday, Tran will finally be able to face Brown in court and plead her case for a permanent restraining order. Brown has claimed that Tran is lying about the situation and Tran wants to set the record straight in front of a judge.

Hopefully, Tran gets her wish. This man has a history of violence and harassment against women. Apparently, he still is a human trash bag so we are rooting for you Tran!


Chris Brown Finally Isn’t the One in Trouble

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Chris Brown Gets restraining order against obsessed fanAll around terrible person, Chris Brown, was actually on the other side of a legal battle as a judge gave him a protection order from an obsessed fan who has been repeatedly shown up his house uninvited and unwanted.

On December 23rd it was reported that 27 year-old Danielle Patti drive up to the electric gate at the front of the property and waited for someone to open the gate and she drove through. When security noticed that she was on property they asked her to leave and she refused. The police were called out to the property and they arrested her for criminal trespass. It was reported that security had seen the woman in the past but had never had an issue with her. This last April she was arrested again for trespassing on his property and yelling demands for sexual favors. According to Brown, she shouts “Chris are you going to eat my p****” and “I love you.” He is very clear that she is delusional about having a relationship with Chris. He filed for a temporary restraining order against her at the time forcing her to stay 100 yards away from Chris and one of his bodyguards.

The judge has now granted a restraining order for Brown that orders Patti to stay away from him, his house and his shows for 5 years. She is currently in a mental hospital as a result of her last unwanted visit to his house so she is not currently seen as a threat to Brown. it remains unclear when she will be released.

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