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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Therapy Success

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bell and shep

What’s the key to a good relationship?  In Hollywood, where it seems like people are divorcing after a year of marriage, one might feel like they are fighting an uphill battle. Dax Shepard revealed in a new interview that he and his wife, Kristen Bell, started going to therapy early on in their relationship. They are a pretty likable couple. Dax is funny and dorky, and Kristen is adorable and cute.

Shepard, stated on Good Morning America, that the secret of his successful romantic relationship with Bell is going to therapy. Not because there are existing issues, but setting a foundation and understanding for their relationship. “We went to therapy early on to learn what our pattern of arguing was and where we needed to stop that,” Shepard explained. “It’s great too because you go to the therapist and he listens to you talk for about 30 seconds, and then he’s like, ‘I got it.’ Kudos to the couple for talking openly about how to make a successful relationship and not be passive. Too many relationships are based on emotion and not enough effort and intentional action. It’s great to hear about a Hollywood couple being pro-active about relationship success.

The actor also noted that he believes couples often seek counseling when it’s too late. “Most people wait until the thing is exploding before they see a professional,” he said on Wednesday morning. “I thought maybe an ounce of prevention this go-around would be advisable.”

The Hollywood duo who tied the knot in 2013, six years after meeting each other in 2007 are now starring together in CHiPs, a revival of the iconic ‘70s TV series. In the film, Bell plays the ex-wife of Shepard’s pro-racer-turned-highway-cop Jon Baker. CHiPs hits theaters on Friday, March 24.

“We have a very healthy marriage and we got there by doing therapy when we needed it, and constantly doing fierce moral inventories,” Bell said. “We both take responsibility when we are wrong, and I think it is easy to work with him because I married him, because I enjoy spending time with him and I trust him. That is exactly what I want in someone that I work with.”



Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Staying Together ?

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Say it isn’t so. But we hope it’s true. It’s been nearly two years since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their split after ten years of marriage, but according to sources close to the couple, there may hope for the relationship. The husband and wife of 10 years have made little movement since the public declaration of divorce, however, considering the actor has not moved out and still considers the family’s property his primary residence among other statements and actions, things are looking up for this Hollywood couple. Garner and Affleck have reportedly called off their divorce for the time being and are working on their marriage together. Rumors of a reconciliation have been swirling ever since their separation, as the two have been regularly spotted out and about together with their three children.The two aren’t officially back together yet, but apparently, both Affleck and Garner decided to put the divorce on hold.The two stars separated in June of 2015 amid rumors that pegged Affleck as the guilty party for an alleged affair with the couple’s nanny. Despite high-profile interviews about their decision to divorce, Garner and Affleck have continued to live on their shared Los Angeles property over much of the past 20 months, co-parenting their children and vacationing together.“There is always a chance of reconciliation. They love each other,” a confidential source added. “They also really, really love their kids, and those kids love their parents.”Among the public scrutiny, Affleck has nothing but words of praise for the mother of his children. “Jen is a superhero mom, she is an amazing mother and I’m really lucky to have her as a partner to co-parent these kids with. We try our best.” We hope that these two Hollywood lovebirds can work out what’s best for them and their family. It’s nice to see Hollywood marriages that go through hard times and come out stronger. We are rooting for you, Jen and Ben!


Michael Phelps Secretly Wed Baby Momma Last June

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Michael Phelps weds fiance Nicole JohnsonOlympian Michael Phelps secretly wed his long time girlfriend and mother to his son Boomer (We still can’t believe he named his son Boomer, that is a dog’s name) last June. They were married in Paradise Valley, Arizona where the couple now lives. The ceremony was officiated by Phelps’ agent and friend Peter Carlisle and kept it a secret for the last 5 months. Phelps and Johnson got a marriage license on June 9 and then filed the Record of Marriage on June 15.

Michael Phelps  announced his engagement to the former Miss California in February last year. They had met at the ESPY’s in 2007 and had a tumultuous relationship. They broke up in 2012 but got back together and then last May welcomed their son Boomer Robert Phelps.

Both Nicole and son accompanied Phelps to the Olympics in Rio over the summer, where he won five gold medals and a silver. They were regularly seen cheering him on from the stands. During interviews Phelps never mentioned the marriage and the media reports described Johnson as his fiancée.

Even up until last week, Phelps was denying a marriage between the two. Phelps went on Facebook and did a live video and answered questions from fans and when one suggested he was already married, he denied it. He said, “You guys can think what you want. This is my right hand.” Phelps said, despite raising what appeared to be his left hand with a black ring on his ring finger. 




Who Decided to Stay Together on Married at First Sight?

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mafsseason4cast-490x318Well the social “experiment” has come to an end. One couple, Derek Schwartz, 35 and Heather Seidel, 32 had already made the decision three weeks in to end the marriage despite Derek’s pleas. So what about the other two couples? Did Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez stay together and what about Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast?

Starting with Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast- they decided to STAY TOGETHER! This comes as a shock because they seemed destined for a split once Nick informed Sonia that he wasn’t attracted to her. She moved out but then decided to move back in right before decision day. Nick, who sometimes has difficulty expressing his emotions, actually showed some excitement when she decided to move back in. Before they went into to the meeting with the specialist, Nick and Sonia really seemed to share some moments of actual happiness. As part of one of their relationship building exercises, they made a vision board for their future together and they appeared to be on the same page about a lot of life goals, including having kids. They also gave each other gifts.  Nick gave Sonia a silver chain that Nick clearly put some though into and she seemed really touched by it. She gave him cactus print underwear because he’s a bit ‘prickly’, and a shirt featuring a poop emoji and Nick thought it was a pretty funny gift. Both seemed really happy before heading into the meeting.  During their meeting with the show’s relationship experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Rachel DeAlto, both Sonia and Nick agreed that their relationship has had some ups and downs but Nick admitted that he has learned to be more empathetic and to think twice before saying something that might hurt Sonia. While she said their time together has made her a better communicator. After everything, they decided to stay together and doggone it we hope that this crazy couple actually makes it.

Now moving on to Tom and Lillian. This couple seemed to be destined to make it. They were immediately attracted to each other and seemed to have a good connection. Half way through the experiment though, their differences started to drive a wedge between them. Tom started to have second thoughts about their marriage.  Both of them were concerned about their different lifestyles and goals for the future. Sonia said she wants to make a lot of money and wants to maintain a certain lifestyle while Tom’s dream was to be able remain carefree and travel on his converted bus.  Children also became an issue.  Tom noted while making their vision board that he would like to adopt a child but Lillian would like to at least give birth to their first child before they adopt. The couple also exchanged gifts with each other. Lillian gave Tom a cardboard cutout of her heart and he gave her an alarm clock to symbolize their time together. After they exchanged gifts Tom said, “I am a little bit nervous about my decision today. You know, I don’t want to break Lilly’s heart and I don’t want to have set such a high expectation either. Things could go either way.” Meanwhile, Lillian was always for staying together. When they finally met with the specialists, it seemed like Tom was about to break Lillian’s heart, but when the final decision was made, he decided to stick it out with her.

It appears as if the social experiment might have actually worked this time. Two out of the three couples decided to stay together. It will be interested to see what happens after the first 6 weeks. Most likely we will soon be seeing a follow up show to check in on their progress.



Blake and Gwen Getting Married?

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Last week on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“, Gwen Stefani was asked whether she is going to marry her current love Blake Shelton. The Hollaback girl got extremely tongued tied and she appeared to be stalling. Her response was ““Everything is going so quickly. … I’m in the moment and, um, look at me, you’ve got me tongue-tied.”

A source close to Stefani says her avoidance of the question is due the fact the two music stars want to get married and have a date in mind for the end of the year but haven’t informed their families yet. A Shelton source confirms this information and adds that the couple is beyond happy and are looking forward to getting married by the end of the year.

Both Gwen and Blake are still coming off painful divorces from the previous year. Gwen was married to singer Gavin Rossdale for 13 years before before allegations that he had been cheating on Gwen for 3 years with the nanny. Although Gwen struggled after the cheating was brought to light, this last year has proved to be one of her best. She told Ryan Seacrest, “I look at this year and I think, I just feel so awake. I feel so alive and so grateful. … this year has been so full of so much joy.”

All of us at the CelebVoice wish the couple our very best!


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