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Grammy Drama- Major Music Celebs Boycotting the Award Ceremony

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bieber-kanye-drake-grammy-boycottSome big names in music are looking to skip the Grammys this year and it is because they believe that the Grammys are no longer “relevant” or “representative” of today’s music culture. Names like Drake, Justin Bieber and Kayne will most likely not be in attendance this year. Sources close to the singers say that the artists “have other plans” and will not be going to the show.

The Grammy boycott all began with Frank Ocean. He didn’t bother to submit his critically acclaimed album Blonde for consideration by the Recording Academy and it is because that he believes the Grammys are old fashioned and they don’t represent the young, black artists. A source close to Ocean said, “It’s not like the Oscars… there’s no real anger, it’s just that a lot of younger singers think the Grammys are out of touch and arguably irrelevant.”

Ocean went on to say that, “It just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.” He added: “I think the infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system and screening system is dated.”

TMZ reported that Justin Bieber who has 4 Grammys, has plans to be elsewhere. There was no elaboration on where but just not at the Grammys. TMZ said, “As for why, we’re told he just doesn’t think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers.” Drake has 8 nominations but has no plans currently to show up at the Grammys and it was reported that he will be on tour in Europe. And as for Kayne, who’s got 8 nominations, also has no plans to show up for the awards show. Kayne has been notoriously outspoken about his thoughts and feelings about the awards show, so it will be interesting to see if he makes a public statement about a potential absence.

There is a chance that these artist might actually show up but as of right now, there does not seem to be a lot of interest from artists about this upcoming Grammys.

Hot New Couple Alert: Drake and JLo Pose for Steamy Instagram Photo

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3bacc8f500000578-4070092-image-m-2_1482912337541After so much sad news lately, it nice to hear about something happy. There is love in the air. Musicians Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, have seem to be hinting that they are a hot new item. They both posted a pretty romantic photo on their official Instagram accounts early on Wednesday morning.

There was no explanation attached to the photo so fans were left speculating as to the truth behind the photo but it seems like Drake and JLo are more than just friends.  The 47-year-old mom-of-two was the first to post on to post the loving picture, which shows her younger contemporary wrapping both arms affectionately around her neck with one eye staring down the lens of the camera.

Rumors started flying about a potential relationship when Drake attended two of Jennifer’s shows in Las Vegas back to back and then went to a intimate gathering together. The gossip mill just assumed that they might be friends because Rihanna and JLo and friends and Rihanna and Drake have always had an on again off again relationship.

Rihanna and Drake have never really confirmed a relationship status. They always insisted that they were just friends until about 2009 when they were spotted kissing. They still insisted that they were just friends. They have collaborated on music together and have always seemed to be going fine until now. It appears that Rihanna has unfollowed both Drake and JLo on Instagram so it appears that maybe they were more than just friends despite the insistence that they were never together.

We are pretty stoked on this couple. Although there is quite the age difference, JLo has never looked better. We wish them the best!


Update on the Drake/Swift Relationship

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Drake and Taylor Swift datingWe are still pretty weird out by this latest celebrity couple alert but it seems like it’s starting to heat up between Drake and Taylor Swift. There have been a lot of rumors swirling lately that this couple is still going strong and starting to get serious. This relationship has come pretty quickly after Drake and Rihanna split up. Drake and Rihanna were never official but were seen getting pretty close over the summer.

Drake appears to be working really hard to get Taylor’s affection and Drake knows that the way to Taylor’s heart is through her cats. For anyone that follows Swift on any of her social media it is clear that she loves her cats, Meredith and Olivia. Both cats are named for her two favorites characters in her favorite TV shows. She is constantly posting pictures of her cats and she also takes them everywhere with her. So how is Drake trying to win Taylor’s affection? According to sources he has been buying a ton of gifts for her cats.

The Daily Mail reports that “Drake knows the way to Taylor’s heart and he’s going for it in a big way. He stopped in PetCo and went buck wild on cat accessories for Taylor. He went all out. The source went on to say that, “He’s also preparing to send her this sick designer bag that she can put her cats in when she’s traveling.”

The rumor mill started when Taylor went to Drake’s 30th birthday party last month. Photos were posted of the couple with friends at the party. It was even rumored that Taylor met Drake’s mom. However, there is a potential that Drake and Swift are working on some music together and that is why they are spending so much time together. Drake’s gifts could potentially be friendship gifts.

If this is an actually couple and then they break up the world would explode with feelings. It could potentially make for two really good albums though.

Weird Couple Alert- Drake and Taylor Swift

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Drake and Taylor SwiftSome celebrity couples just make sense and some seem to be completely out of the blue. In the latest weird celebrity couple, it is reported that Drake and Taylor Swift are in the beginning stages of a relationship. Taylor has even met Drake’s mom!

Drake just celebrated his 30th birthday and sources connected to Drake tell us he introduced Swift to his mom and several of his homies during his party on Sunday night party in WeHo. Taylor has not been connected to Drake in the past so it seemed out of place that she was even there in the first place which is why he wanted to make sure she met his inner circle, including his Mom.

This is a big deal because it wasn’t that long ago that the rumors of Drake and Rihanna dating were swirling around and now it appears like he is getting close to Taylor. A source told TMZ  said that they are close, but only friends. They have been for years and they even hung out at the 2013 VMAs.

This is a couple that actually makes sense to us over at Celeb Voice. Drake is known for having all the feelings and Taylor seems to also have a lot of emotions. These could actually make a great couple.


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