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Tiger Woods Arrested for Failing Field Sobriety Test Over the Holiday Weekend

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tiger woods arrested for suspicion of DUIWhile most people were safely enjoying the holiday weekend, Tiger Woods had a really rough weekend. Woods was arrested on 5/29 in the early morning hours on suspicion of driving under the influence and illegally parking his car. Tiger Woods was asleep in his Mercedes-Benz when police came upon Woods in his car on the side of the road. He told the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s officer that he had been coming back from playing golf in Los Angeles.

TMZ obtained the police report and details about the 14 time major champion was observed asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes with the motor running and the right blinker light flashing. Woods foot was also on the brake. An officer then woke Woods up and he appeared to be very disoriented and his speech was slurred. Woods told the officer that he was coming back from “coming from L.A. California from golfing” but that he was unclear exactly where he was. He then changed his story and admitted that he didn’t know where he was. Woods asked the officer how far he was from his Hobe Sound, Florida, home and he also admitted he was taking several prescription medications, including Vicodin.

Woods preformed all the field sobriety tests and he failed every single one of them. He was unable to complete the one-leg stand or the nose touch. The report says when asked if he understood the Romberg alphabet test, he stated, “yes, recite entire national anthem backwards.”

According to the report, there were four different types of drugs listed under medical conditions. The drugs included Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx. It notes Vioxx was not taken this year. It says Tiger has has 4 left knee surgeries and  four Achilles surgeries.

He was then arrested and taken to a testing facility. A second officer’s report stated that Woods was given a breathalyzer test and he did blow a 0.00 and that he complied with the requested urine test.

Late last night, Woods issued an apology to his fans regarding his arrest. Woods stated that alcohol was not involved, and that his condition resulted from “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”


Nathan Griffith Formally Charged for Domestic Violence

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Nathan Griffith arrested again for Domestic Violence Add another mugshot to the collection, Nathan Griffith from Teen Mom 2 has another one to add to his ever growing list. It’s a shock that him and Janelle didn’t work out because they have a lot in common when it comes to their constant legal battles.

This time, Nathan was arrested for choking his ex-girlfriend. He was transferred to the MyrtleBeach jail where he will stay until he faces a judge this week about his pending domestic violence charges against Jessica Henry. A warrant was issued for Nathan’s arrest last Monday after he allegedly choked her during a very heated argument. You can read the police report on

Nathan was later picked up by police after he was found in possession of alcohol while in a vehicle and then lied to officers about his identity. Myrtle Beach Online reported that, “Officers said they found two opened mini bottles of vodka and a large opened bottle of vodka inside. Griffith was then arrested in connection with open container of alcohol inside a vehicle. Police said they verified Griffith was deceiving them about who he was by giving a false name to elude arrest, and he was also charged with giving false information to police, the report states.”

According to online records, Nathan faces a 2nd degree domestic violence charge. This isn’t his first time with domestic violence charges so although this is a misdemeanor, he could be facing some real time.

Currently, he is battling for custody of his son, Kaiser, with his ex Jenelle. Jenelle has been determined to keep their son away from Nathan. She says she is worried because of his violent past. She isn’t wrong about that. Nathan seems to have a knack for getting arrested.

We doubt that he will actually face any real time. Some of these Teen Mom folks seem to get away with a lot of bad behavior.

Anthony Michael Hall Could Face up to 7 Years for Felony Battery

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anthony michael hall attacks neighborAnthony Michael Hall is no stranger to run-ins with the law. The L.A. County D.A. has just charged Anthony Michael Hall with felony battery with serious bodily injury. He attacked his neighbor over the open gate to the condo that they live in.  There are special circumstances alleged, so the 4 year max sentence goes to 7 years due to the serious nature of the attack.

He was investigated for allegedly attacking his neighbor and leaving the man with a broken wrist and hurt back. The whole incident was caught on tape. The incident that happened two months ago, The L.A. County D.A. decided that there was enough evidence to go ahead and charge him with felony battery. The incident began when the victim left their condo gate open. The victim says Hall shouted to close the gate, came over and slammed it shut, and then started to attack him. The security footage  shows the 2 men in each other’s faces when suddenly the alleged victim goes flying backward. Hall then storms away once the victim is on the ground.

However, this isn’t the first time that Hall has had issues with his neighbors in the condo. Reports say that he has been scaring his neighbors for months. He would scream obscenities and challenge people to fights in the street. He was also caught squirting another neighbor with a hose. TMZ sources say neighbors complained to the housing association for his erratic behavior but no action was taken against Hall. He was arrested back in 2011 when a neighbor had finally had enough of his behavior.




Kate Major Lohan Arrested for Assaulting and Officer and Public Intoxication

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kate_major_lohan_mug_shot_2016_arrestDysfunctional couples make the world of celebrity blogs go round. Without them, we would barely have anything to write about. This time, the better half of the Michael Lohan is in trouble again. She was arrested for allegedly assaulted a police officer in a drunken rage.

TMZ reports that Kate was dropping the kids off on Saturday at the Florida home of her estranged husband Michael when she went to a neighbor’s house and came out drunk. When she tried to leave in her car, Michael wouldn’t give her the keys to the car so she called the cops.

Law enforcement tells TMZ when they arrived they found her drunk and disorderly. They attempted to arrest her for drunk and disorderly conduct in public, and that’s when she allegedly attacked an officer. She’s currently in the Palm Beach Jail. Kate’s could be potentially be in big trouble. She is currently on probation for assault and this could land her in jail for an extended stay.

These people can’t seem to get it together, which is sad because there are kids involved. Well, we shall see if she ends up staying in jail for longer.

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