Iggy Azalea Wins Woman of the Year by GQ Australia

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Iggy Azalea hasn’t won many popularity contests lately so it comes as a surprise that she was awarded the Woman of the Year Award at GQ Australia’s Men of the Year Awards. Last time Iggy was in the news, it was reported that she was slapped with a hefty tax lien from the Internal Revenue Service for unpaid taxes from 2014. She owed the IRS a whopping $391,056.55 from that year. Before that, she was constantly feuding with someone. We don’t usually follow famous Australia people but we would assume that there are other better suited famous Australia women? Anyways, she won this award and her speech was odd to say the least.

When Iggy came up to podium to accept her award, she made mention of her “award-winning vagina“. Some media outlets called the speech “humorous” but we just thought it was a weird way to accept an award. Iggy said, “I have won a lot of awards over the last few years but this one means the absolute most to me because I can finally say that I have an award-winning vagina,” she joked during her acceptance speech.“This is amazing to me; I’ve got the best vagina in the world,” she said. “How do you say no to that … you don’t.”

So apparently her vagina is to thank for her hard work? Granted, she has been known to appropriate but still she is out there making her own money so to just boil her efforts down to her vagina is disappointing. Even if she was joking it was still sad. Congrats we guess?

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