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L.A. County D.A.’s Office Rejects Azealia Banks Case

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Azealia Banks and Russell CroweRussell Crowe is finally vindicated! The L.A. County D.A.’s Office will not be charging Crowe for bear hugging rapper, Azealia Banks, and removing her from his Beverly Hills Hotel suite. The reason why they are dropping the case is because the D.A. says the Crowe’s actions were completely justified.

According to the L.A. County D.A.’s Office several witnesses came forward to contradict Banks version of what happened that night in October. Banks was completely out of control and she repeatedly used a racial epithet and was verbally aggressive to people in Crowe’s room.

Witnesses reported that Azealia picked up a glass and threatened to use it to cut the throat of a guest. Azealia filed a police report after the incident claiming Russell choked her, called her the n-word and spit on her as he removed her from the suite. Witnesses said that Crowe never called Banks by any names and never choked her. He did forcibly remove her from the hotel suite and spit at her but it was only in response to her physically threatening another guest.

The D.A. said that Crowe was “justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks.” As for the spitting the D.A. says it was “incidental to preventing more serious threatened violence.” Witnesses said that the spit didn’t even get on her.

Banks is always feuding with someone and has been known to start fights with other celebrities. She is most famous for her Twitter battle with Iggy Azalea that goes all the way back to 2012. BET even published a slide show with all the people that she has feuded with over the last few years and the list is pretty long. She don’t discriminate when it comes to her feuds. She has started beef with everyone was Sarah Palin to A$AP Rocky. For one we are glad that Crowe is finally able to leave this incident behind.

Banks/Crowe Altercation Update

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la-et-mg-azealia-banks-russell-crowe-20161017-snapWe thought that maybe yesterday after multiple witnesses came forward to discredit her account of the fight at the dinner party, Azealia Banks would fade into the sunset. But no, she is pushing forward with the narrative that she was abused at this party by Russell Crowe.

Banks took to Facebook to air her grievance against Crowe. Her statement read, “The truth will be out on Wednesday. I am 100% innocent in this matter. No matter how you feel about me no person deserves to be handled that way. And I will not be threatened or chastised into keeping quiet. This man MUST and WILL be held accountable for his actions. This is the most expensive mistake he will ever make in his life.” The post was deleted shortly after.

Crowe claims he didn’t do anything wrong; Banks vehemently disagrees with him.  Perez Hilton reports that Banks was “bear-hugged” out of the room by Crowe and she thinks that she was manhandled. She demanded an apology and Crowe won’t apologize because he think that he didn’t do anything wrong. So, she decided that it was good idea to go to the police and file a report over the alleged assault.

We have a feeling that this isn’t the last we will hear from Banks about this situation.

World’s Weirdest Celebrity Dinner Party

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azealia-banks-april-2015-playboy-cover-billboard-650Well this was interesting news to us. In the weird celebrity news, Azealia Banks (who has beef with literally everyone) has now made another enemy, this time it’s Russell Crowe. How these two were even in the same room blows everyone’s minds.

The beef came to light when Banks wrote on Facebook on Sunday: “To recap my night, I went to a party at Russell crowe’s (sic) suite, at which he called me a n****r, choked me, threw me out and spat at me. The men in the room allowed it to happen. I feel terrible today.” This shocking  allegation came up after she attended a dinner party at Crowe’s hotel suite. She was a guest of RZA (who we guess is a friend of Crowe’s, yeah we are confused too.) Soon after she posted this shocking piece of news she deleted it.

According to Jezebel,witnesses have come to Crowe’s defense saying that Banks is full of it. Instead they claim that the trouble started when Azealia laughed out loud at Russell’s music selection, and then called him and at least one other guest, “boring white men.” A female guest jumped in to Crowe’s defense and scolded Banks for her behavior. TMZ also reported instead she made an insane speech/threat to Crowe and the woman …”You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.” Then for good measure, witnesses say she dropped a few n-bombs. Even her date for that dinner party, RZA, said she used the n-word, not Russell. Crowe maintained his composure during the whole incident.

Yeah, we are going to side with Crowe on this one. Banks has always been pretty erratic and loves picking fights with people so we aren’t surprised that she tried to cause drama with Russell Crowe. Kudos to Russell for keeping his calm while Banks was throwing a epic hissy fit.


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