Hillary Duff and Boyfriend Win the Award for Terrible Costumes

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zdxlrd7g9znnknsscrccIt’s that time of year again, where celebs go all out dressing up for Halloween. Some celebs do an amazing job and come up with some truly amazing and creative costumes. Some celebs however do the opposite and come up with something either offensive or racist. This year the award for terribly offensive and racist costume goes to Hillary Duff and her boyfriend. Actually it is more of her boyfriend’s costume but they went as a pair so by proxy she deserves the award.

Both decided it was a good idea to dress up as a sexy pilgrim in hot pants (her) and super stereotypical Native America (him) complete with a feathered headdress and red war paint. Twitter literally exploded when the picture of the both of them in their costumes hit the internet. It was pointed out that in light of what is happening with the pipeline in North Dakota, it was in poor taste to have dressed up in those particular outfits.

Both Hillary and her boyfriend Jason Walsh then went on to issue apologies. Hillary sent out a tweet that said, “I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume.It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my ❤️sorry.” and Her boyfriend posted a photo on Instagram that said, “I meant no disrespect. I only have admiration for the indigenous people of America. In hindsight I would not have made that decision. I apologize to anyone I may have offended.”

Although they both apologized, it is baffling as to why they both thought that this costume was a good idea. It seems like every year some celebrity decides that it is a good idea to either do blackface or some type of cultural appropriation. Maybe 2017 it will be different? Until then, congrats to Hillary Duff and her boyfriend for this year’s terrible costume award.

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