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More Fallout from the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special Fight

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The drama just keeps coming with this crew. Although the reunion special was taped weeks ago, the fallout from the fight that rocked Teen Mom fans has yet to stop. There is still some drama happening and it’s safe to say that Farrah and Amber’s family will not be getting together for a picnic anytime soon. I am going to assume that they are going to be enemies for life. Twitter is going to be a a sh!t talking hellscape for these two ladies because Twitter is their weapon of choice and we can’t wait to see what they have to say about each other.

Michael Abraham spoke exclusively to Radar Online about what has happened to him since the reunion special finished filming a few weeks ago. Michael claims that he is still recovering from injuries he sustained when Matt Baier attacked him on the stage.  He said, ““I’m still under treatment and on worker’s comp,” he told Radar. “I’m a disabled vet, he destroyed my hearing aid. Matt didn’t know the can of worms he opened when he hit me.”

For readers that didn’t get a chance to see the fight, when Amber Portwood tried to slap Farrah after Farrah made the comment about Matt being a pedophile, Michael intervened. Matt then rushed on stage and pushed Michael to the ground. We watched the reunion special and Michael did get pushed to the ground pretty hard.

Michael said, “I was onstage to protect my daughter,” Michael defended. “Matt didn’t have to come on. No one hit Amber. Everyone was trying to stop Amber from hitting Farrah.”  We are not huge Farrah fans, but this statement by Michael is pretty accurate. What Farrah said was out of line, but Amber was definitely the aggressor in this situation.

US Weekly interviewed Farrah about the fight and she told the publication that MTV is working very hard to try and make Farrah feel safe. She told them that, “‘I didn’t have to attend the rest of the reunion or specials [because of what I consider Amber’s] criminal behavior.” She then added that, “MTV legal has said I no longer will ever have to work with or around Maci, Catelynn or Amber. They are not to be trusted, and the network knows how to keep them sequestered together and myself separate from now on.” She then went on to say that MTV is praying to god that Michael doesn’t sue them for this injuries and that MTV is covering the cost of all his medical bills and paying to replace his hearing aids.

MTV did not provide a comment on the situation.



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