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Bill Cosby’s Wife Lashes out at the DA After her Husband’s Guilty Verdict

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Bill cosby found guilty Camille Cosby is now speaking out about her husband’s guilty verdict. She released a statement to the media that makes very disparaging comments against the Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, her husband’s chief accuser Andrea Constand, the media, and the jury. Her scathing statement, released today, has raised a lot of eyebrows and people are not happy with Camille at all.

Her husband, disgraced actor Bill Cosby, was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for Cosby’s January 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand. The jury, consisting of seven men and five women, spent two days to decide Cosby’s fate. He is allowed to stay free on bail until sentencing. The judge did not announce a date for the sentencing but the law requires that it be done within 100 days of the conviction. Cosby, is facing up to 30 years in prison.

After the verdict, Cosby’s lead defense attorney, Tom Mesereau, told the press outside the courthouse and the fight is not over. When asked by a reporter if they plan on appealing, he said, “We are very disappointed by the verdict. We don’t think Mr. Cosby is guilty of anything, and the fight is not over.”

Camille stood by her man the entire trial. She stayed away from the trial itself but she was verbally supporting him in the media. She was there for the defense’s closing arguments. After the verdict, she put her arm around her husband and then left when it was the prosecutor’s turn to argue, she left.

Camille Cosby’s statement is quite lengthy but there are few real gems in the midst of her victim blaming nonsense. She starts her rambling statement talking about how the constitution was were powerful men and it doesn’t include any input from women, Native Americans, poor white meant and absolutely no enslaved Africans.

She then launches into claiming that Bill Cosby was demonized in the media and labeled guilty before the trial even started. She said, “The overall media, with their frenzied, relentless demonization of him and unquestioning acceptance of accusers’ allegations without any attendant proof, have superseded the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which guarantee due process and equal protection, and thereby eliminated the possibility of a fair trial and unbiased jury.”

She then compares her husband’s trial to those trials of Emmett Till and Darryl Hunt. Till was a 14 year African American boy who was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a white woman. He was adducted by the family of the woman that accused him of sexual assault and was brutally and tragically murdered. Decades later, his accuser admitted she fabricated the story. In the case of Darryl Hunt, he was arrested and charged at 19 years old of a sexual assault but was later exonerated based on DNA evidence that cleared him of the crime. Camille believes that Cosby is being unfairly treated just like these two men. She says that the justice system fails to protect African Americans who have been falsely accused.

Her biggest beef however was with the Montgomery County Courthouse. She says, “The worst injustices, however, have been carried out in the Pennsylvania Montgomery County Courthouse. Three criminal charges, promised during an unethical campaign for the district attorney’s office, were filed against my husband…all based on what I believe to be a falsified account by the newly elected district attorney’s key witness.”

She then calls for a criminal investigation into district attorney and his “cohorts”.  She believes that these people plotted to get her husband behind bars because they wanted to advance their political careers. She calls it an abuse of power and calls the prosecution, the witnesses and the judge “vicious, lying, self-absorbed paradigms of evilness.”

Constand’s lawyer Dolores Troiani had only two comments about Camille’s rant. She said, “why would any reputable outlet publish that? Twelve honorable jurors – peers of Cosby – have spoken,” Troiani said. “There is nothing else that needs to be said.”


Elon Musk Deletes his Company’s Social Media Profiles in Wake of Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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Elon Musk deletes his companies' social media profilesElon Musk very abruptly deleted the social media profiles for both Tesla and SpaceX this last Friday. The move did come as a surprise to Musk fans but since the whole Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, Musk decided that is was best to delete the profiles all together to take stand against Facebook. Last week there was a huge outcry on social media to take a stand against Facebook. The hashtag #deletefacebook started to trend last week on Twitter and so far many have joined the movement to get rid of their Facebook pages. Musk decided to also join the movement by deleting both the SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages. The SpaceX account had 3 million followers, and Tesla hd about 4 million.

This bold move came in the wake of the latest Facebook impropriety. It was discovered last week that the consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, had wrongfully harvested personal data for over 50 million Facebook users.  The information wastes by the political consulting firm who was backing President Trump’s 2016 election campaign. The information that was collected was then used to developed a software program that profiled the users to predict voting patterns. Through these predictions, they created micro-targeted ads that were designed to influence US citizens’ voting decisions.

According to, Cambridge Analytica was able to gain access to the information through very underhanded means. According to the article, “Cambridge Analytica (CA) obtained voter data through a Facebook-linked app named ‘thisisyourdigitallife’. Through the app, CA member Aleksandr Kogan paid Facebook users in exchange for a detailed personality test, supposedly for academic research purposes.”

The #deletefacebook hashtag started with the cofounder of WhatsApp (that is also owned by Facebook). Brian Acton started the movement by tweeting, “It is time. #DeleteFacebook” and Musk responded with tweeting “What’s Facebook?”.

Another Twitter user called him out saying, “Delete SpaceX page on Facebook if you’re the man?” and in typical Musk fashion, he responded with, “I didn’t realize there was one. Will do.”

Soon another tweet followed asking if Musk was going to also delete the Tesla Facebook and Musk responded with another cheeky answer saying, “Definitely. Looks lame anyway.”

Musk deletes facebook for both Tesla and SpaceX

There has also been called for Musk to delete the Instagram accounts for both Tesla and SpaceX since Facebook owns Instagram but so far both those profiles are still up. Musk did acknowledge that Facebook’s negative influence is creeping in but for now he has not made another public statements about getting rid of the Instagram profiles. For those still wanting to keep up with the company, both companies still have their Twitter, Youtube and Flickr accounts.

As the enigmatic SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has been known to make some pretty unpredictable moves, but he usually follows his gut on what is best for his companies and his gut is usually right. But according to Musk, he doesn’t even use Facebook anyways. In his last thoughts on the matter, he tweeted, “Instagram’s probably ok imo, so long as it stays fairly independent. I don’t use FB & never have, so don’t think I’m some kind of martyr or my companies are taking a huge blow. Also, we don’t advertise or pay for endorsements, so … don’t care.” and he then added, “We’ve never advertised with FB. None of my companies buy advertising or pay famous people to fake endorse. Product lives or dies on its own merits.”

Make Zuckerberg has since made a public apology and did the standard public apology tour but it took a few days before the news broke before the Facebook founder stepped forward to offer any explanation as to why this breach of trust even occurred in the first place. The fallout continues as sharp drop in share price erased close to $50 billion of the company’s market cap. Now Zuckerberg has been asked to testify before congress to address the “breach of trust” that occurred.


ABC’s Most Hated Bachelor and his Second Fiancé Might Elope

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Arie and Lauren talking about eloping After the dumpster fire of an ending to the current boring season of the Bachelor, the second place winner and Arie are now talking about eloping sometime in the near future. For anyone that watched this season, this would be a great move in order to spare us the indignity of having to watch their wedding special. If you all can’t tell, Arie was not our favorite bachelor and we would like him to go gently into the sweet night.

For those who aren’t aware, Arie’s season was a borefest from the beginning and most people weren’t happy when he was chosen to be the next bachelor. Peter, from Rachel’s season, was a fan favorite and everyone assumed that he was the front runner to be the next bachelor. People were disappointed and surprised that suddenly Arie from a previous season from many years ago was picked. There were a lot of unhappy bachelor fans out there.

His whole season was indescribably boring. Until the Women Tell All episode. One of the rejected women, Caroline, shocked everyone by confronting Arie about the ending of the season. She called him out over something that he did after the season ended. She cryptically said, “I know what you did and I don’t know how you could do that. And I just really don’t understand. But I really hope you found what you’re looking for.” There was no other explanation but fans found out a week later that Arie pulled one of the worst moves in Bachelor history.

Stale Olive Garden breadstick of human Arie proposed to one woman, Becca, and then a month later dumped her ON CAMERA and then immediately ran to the runner up, Lauren, and asked her back out. But it later came out that he had already contacted her while engaged to Becca to find out how she felt. Becca knew he wanted to contact Lauren but she didn’t know that it opened the door to Arie getting back with Lauren.

On the After the Rose special, Arie proposed to Lauren and are now talking about eloping. Arie called off one engagement, then immediately got engage and it now talking about getting married ASAP. The callous way that man move from one relationship to another makes me doubt that Lauren has found her happily ever after.

Becca, however, isn’t sweating it because she is going to be the next Bachelorette and based on the guys she met during the after the rose special, we thinks she is going to be just fine. Our favorite so far is this fine piece of man, Lincoln, we hope to see more of him this summer.

James Franco Becomes the Next Man in Hollywood to be Accused of Sexual Harassment

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Well James Franco has become the latest man to be accused of sexual harassment and there are now 5 women total that have come forward with allegations about Franco’s lewd behavior. Each of the female accusers attended Franco’s acting school, Studio 4. The women’s stories have been collaborated by multiple sources but Franco denies the women’s allegations.

The first allegations came out on Twitter after Franco won Best Actor for his portrayal of Tommy Wiseau in the The Disaster Artist. As the actor came up to accept his speech, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Franco was wearing a Time’s Up pin in solidarity of the movement to help end sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. For some women, this caused some anger. Sarah Tither-Kaplan was one of those women.

Tither-Kaplan was a student of Franco’s at the acting school and is one of the 5 women who are accusing Franco of sexual harassment. She took to her Twitter account and blasted out tweets that expressed her disgust with Franco.

James Franco is being accused of Sexual Assault

Tither-Kaplan then did an interview with The LA Times where she elaborated her claims. She told the publication that, “I feel there was an abuse of power, and there was a culture of exploiting non-celebrity women, and a culture of women being replaceable.” She said that there was a particular incident that really upset her among other women at the acting school. She recounted a time where she was filming an on-screenorgy scene with both Franco and other women. She said that he removed protective plastic guards covering other actresses’ vaginas while simulating oral sex on them. The experience scarred Tither-Kaplan.

A second woman, Violet Paley, also used her Twitter account to express her disgust with Franco wearing the Time’s Up pin. She tweeted, “Cute pin James Franco. Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old?”

Paley said told The LA Times that she and Franco has a consensual relationship but that there was a particular incident that happened that made her very uncomfortable. She said, “I was talking to him, all of a sudden his penis was out. I got really nervous, and I said, ‘Can we do this later?’ He was kind of nudging my head down, and I just didn’t want him to hate me, so I did it.” She then got out of the situation by telling Franco that she saw someone watching from another car.

Franco’s attorney, Michael Plonsker, has disputed the women’s claims. Franco appeared on the Late Night with Seth Meyers and when asked about the tweets he said, “The [tweets] I read were not accurate. But one of the things I’ve learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had. There are people, women and others, who have not been a part of this conversation. And I truly believe they need to be part of this conversation. So that’s why I was wearing the pin and I support that.”


Tonya Harding Threatens to Walk out of Interview with Piers Morgan

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Tonya Harding threatens to walk out of interview with Piers Morgan The recent resurgence of Tonya Harding has angered some people based on her history and Piers Morgan seems to be one of those people. In a recent interview, Tonya Harding threatened to walk out of an interview with Good Morning Britain over some pointed questions Piers Morgan asked in regards to the claim that she had some prior knowledge of the attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

It was revealed a month ago that the 48 year-old former Olympic figure skater said that she had an idea that her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, and his co-conspirator, Shawn Eckhardt had hired a hitman to critically injure her biggest rival, Nancy Kerrigan.

Tonya Harding has recently enjoyed a renewed 15 minutes of fame thanks to the Golden Globes. Harding attended the Golden Globes because the movie based on her life I, Tonya was nominated for the categories of Best Supporting Actress in a Musical or a Comedy, Best Actress in a Musical or a Comedy, and Best Movie or Comedy.

Morgan first opened the interview by asking Harding how she felt about the movie and being able to attend the award show. She told Morgan that the experience was amazing. “It was absolutely wonderful, everyone was just fabulous, it was such an honour to be there with fantastic people, that have made me feel like my life is truly worth something and that my son can grow up knowing his mom is not a cheater.”

Morgan jumped on the opportunity to ask her about the previous statement that she had some kind of knowledge about the attack. Harding denied knowing about the attack and Morgan was incredulous. He then made a comment about Shawn Eckhardt being her bodyguard and Harding got upset. She denied that Eckhardt was her body guard and then told Morgan, “I respect you for trying to ask these questions, I’m here to talk about the future and what it means, my movie is going to help so many people, that it is OK to ask for help. So that’s why I’m here.”

Piers Morgan, not one to back down, responded with, “Maybe it suits you to play the victim, the victim was Nancy Kerrigan.”

Hardning at that point threatened to walk out of the interview. She said, “Thank you so much but I think I’m going to have to say have a good night.”

Morgan, acting shocked, asked if she was really going to leave and Harding pushed back saying that, “You weren’t letting me finish. I think many people are victims every day, people need to stand up for themselves, that abuse shouldn’t be happening anymore.”

Morgan then reiterated his point that Kerrigan is the real victim and once again started to push Harding about her prior knowledge of the attack. Harding once again said that she did not know anything about it. The interview ended with Harding once again saying that she didn’t know about the attack to which Morgan and his co-host Susanna bid Harding goodbye.

The movie I, Tonya details the disgraced skater’s life growing up with an abusive mother, played by Allison Janney, and her life with an abusive husband. The movie also covers the attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan which ultimately led to Harding being stripped of her 1994 US Championship title and banned from participating in US Figure Skating Association events as either a skater or a coach for the rest of her life. Margot Robbie plays the role of Tonya Harding.

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