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A-Rod’s Ex-Mistress Threatens to Release Private Messages Unless He Pays her $600k

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Alex Rodriguez extorted for $600kAlex Rodriguez has been enjoying his retirement. After a tumultuous end of the super star baseball player’s career, the ex- Yankee has been dating Jennifer Lopez. The couple has been seen out often, enjoying each other’s company. But it likes that might be ending soon. It is being reported that A-Rod is now dealing with the ex from hell. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and A-Rod is starting to truly understand what that phrase means.

A woman that Rodriguez dated all the way back in 2014 is now threatening to release very personal and private messages the two exchange to the public unless he pays her $600,000. TMZ reported that since the fling in 2014, the woman has been asking Rodriguez for money for years but never gotten any. However, since he began dating J.Lo, the woman decided that it was time for Rodriguez to pay up.

He asked the ex-mistress to just leave him alone and she decided to not take no for an answer. She told him that if he doesn’t pay, she will contact multiple media outlets and give them a treasure trove of messages that also make it appear that he was contacting her while dating Lopez. He is standing firm and will not pay her. Currently his legal team is preparing for a battle. They are in the process of going to both local and federal authorities with the extortion claim. TMZ has also reported that Lopez was aware of the situation before it hit the media and she plans on standing by her man.


Hot New Couple Alert: Drake and JLo Pose for Steamy Instagram Photo

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3bacc8f500000578-4070092-image-m-2_1482912337541After so much sad news lately, it nice to hear about something happy. There is love in the air. Musicians Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, have seem to be hinting that they are a hot new item. They both posted a pretty romantic photo on their official Instagram accounts early on Wednesday morning.

There was no explanation attached to the photo so fans were left speculating as to the truth behind the photo but it seems like Drake and JLo are more than just friends.  The 47-year-old mom-of-two was the first to post on to post the loving picture, which shows her younger contemporary wrapping both arms affectionately around her neck with one eye staring down the lens of the camera.

Rumors started flying about a potential relationship when Drake attended two of Jennifer’s shows in Las Vegas back to back and then went to a intimate gathering together. The gossip mill just assumed that they might be friends because Rihanna and JLo and friends and Rihanna and Drake have always had an on again off again relationship.

Rihanna and Drake have never really confirmed a relationship status. They always insisted that they were just friends until about 2009 when they were spotted kissing. They still insisted that they were just friends. They have collaborated on music together and have always seemed to be going fine until now. It appears that Rihanna has unfollowed both Drake and JLo on Instagram so it appears that maybe they were more than just friends despite the insistence that they were never together.

We are pretty stoked on this couple. Although there is quite the age difference, JLo has never looked better. We wish them the best!


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