Lindsay Lohan’s Ex Fires Back After Accusations

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startraks_oic_lohan_36066_lindsay-lohan-egor-tarabasov-inline-zoom-de79e040-c2f7-427c-8fad-6cba66231699The Lindsay Lohan downward relationship spiral continues on. This time, her ex is firing back after her accusations of abuse and being a mooch. Lindsay went on Russian live TV to blast her ex Egor Tarabasov for being lazy and not contributing any money towards their relationship. She claims that she had to foot all the bills and that he didn’t pay for anything the entire time they were together.

Not so says sources close to Egor. He claims to have made all the money between the two of them and that Lindsay was the one mooching off of him. The sources say that she had access to his credit card which she used to buy herself and her family all kinds of gifts. Even the emerald engagement ring was purchased by Egor.

Lindsay has also make accusations in the past saying that Egor is abusive. She claims that he would hit her so hard that it would leave bruises. Egor vehemently denies both accusations and says that he will pursue legal action if need be to clear his name.

This sad shame spiral is something we are used to seeing with Lindsay Lohan. Sometimes it is hard to tell who is telling the truth. She is just a hot mess of emotions and it’s not a surprise based on the people that raised her. we really hope that at some point she can get her life together.

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