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Teen Mom OG Reunion Brawl Finally Aired

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Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood fight during Teen Mom OG reunion specialWe have been hearing so many rumors about this alleged brawl on the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special and the episode with what was deemed the “biggest fight in Teen Mom history” was finally aired and we were not disappointed.

Rumors had been flying around about a fight that happened on set during the reunion special between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood. Sources watching the show claimed that the fight started because Farrah’s drama loving boyfriend, Simon Saran, called Amber’s boyfriend a pedophile. Dr. Drew was asking Simon about his negative SnapChats about his co-stars when he said that Matt Baier looks like a pedophile. When Dr. Drew said the comment was over the line, Farrah piped in with “I’m sorry that Matt probably looks like it!” and Amber was not going to let Farrah get away with saying that about her man. She stormed on stage and that is when all hell broke loose.

Amber ran out on stage screaming, ““F**k that f-ing bitch. Just because someone is 20 years older than you doesn’t make them a pedophile. Shut your f-ing mouth. I’m going to stand up for my man.” And that is the part of the story that the media reported and that is all Teen Mom fans knew until last night.

What people didn’t see was Amber storm the stage and then slap Farrah across the face. People then tried to hold her back but when she was able to get through Farrah’s dad, Michael, stepped in-between the two to get Amber to back down. Matt then pushed Michael to the ground. Things escalated pretty quickly at that point. Farrah then screamed, ““Both of the criminals will do s**t,” Abraham shouted and then asked, “Michael, do you want to call the police on the criminals? Because they have to visit jail.

Amber and Matt were then ushered off stage by security and then things seemed to calm down. Co-stars, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell came to her aid and helped to calm her down but they did express their displeasure with Farrah for her instigating the fight.

Dr. Drew continued his segment with Farrah and tried to discuss with her what just happened and how this is a complete 180 from where their relationship was at the beginning of the season. Amber and Farrah have always gotten along or at least had a mutual respect for each other. When Dr. Drew asked her about her friendship with Amber, Farrah responded with, “They want to hit people they want to behave like criminals that’s them,” she said. “It’s not like I’m here to hit people. She’s crazy and I don’t want her in my life and anyone else who associates with her in my life.”

Well it looks like these two won’t be sharing friendship bracelets anytime soon. Farrah is constantly feuding with literally everyone. Everyone loves a bad guy on reality TV and Farrah is a perfect fit for that role. There is still fallout from this fight and fans have ever started a petition on to get her kicked off the show. But we all know that is never going to happen, and Farrah knows it is not going to happen. As unbearable as she is, people will watch for her drama filled antics.

Ex-American Idol, Corey Clark, Describes Affair with Paula Abdul in Deposition

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Corey Clark Deposition in lawsuitThis juicy lawsuit is what keeps us gossip bloggers in business. The details of the deposition of ex-America Idol contestant, Corey Clark, in his lawsuit against E! Television network are so salacious that even we are blushing over here. Buckle up because any impression you had of an innocent, wholesome Paula Abdul is about to get blow apart.

Former American Idol contestant Corey Clark was questioned under oath during a deposition about his alleged affair with Paula Abdul and Clark’s lawsuit stems from his claim that he was unfairly characterized in an E! True Hollywood Story episode about Abdul. In the deposition, Clark describes how the American Idol judge groomed her private parts and that they had ‘doggy-style’ sex but never anal sex during the alleged affair. The affair took place in 2003 during his season of American Idol.

During his season, he advanced to the top six finalists of the second season of the reality singing competition show in 2003.  He was disqualified after producers said he failed to disclose information about his criminal background. It caused quite the scandal during that particular season. The affair didn’t come to light until 2 years later. Clark was promoting his album and book proposal, which was never published, but was to be called They Told Me To Tell The Truth, So… (The Sex, Lies, and Paulatics of one of America’s Idols). He alleged during that prom or tour that he had a sexual relationship with Abdul.

The E! True Hollywood Story mentioned Clark’s allegations and featured the pop star’s denial of the affair. The episode also mentioned the fact that FOX had hired an independent law firm to investigate his claims and found no evidence to back up Clark’s story. According to court documents, “Clark now alleges that the updated Program treated him unfairly in that it left viewers with the impression that he was not telling the truth when he alleged he had a sexual relationship with Abdul.”

Clark claims in his lawsuit that the E! episode damaged his reputation, character and integrity in the entertainment community and has hindered his opportunity for future potential income because his character was called into question during that episode.

At one point in the deposition, Clark even compares the pop star to abolitionist Harriet Tubman, He said that Abdul was ‘helping people she wasn’t supposed to be helping’, according to court documents exclusively obtained by He gets very graphic about their sex life. He said that, “‘The closest I got was having doggy style sex with her, and that was briefly because she was like, okay, this is too much,’ he said when asked about anal sex.” He then goes on to says, “‘Nobody ever saw me penetrating her vagina with my penis, no, but there are at least two different people from her side of the fence that caught us in bed nude together.”

E! claims that it only included news that was already published by many outlets and claimed to show both sides of the story fairly. The network said in court documents, “E! THS took no one’s side. Nor did E! THS have the responsibility or capacity to do so. The documentary E! THS presented was a fair, accurate and balanced report of two sides of a controversy, as reported on by numerous news sources and as told by the people intimately involved.”

Let us just get our popcorn out and watch this one unfold. We expect more details to emerge and we can’t wait to see what gets said next.


Matt Barnes Wanted in Questioning by NYPD in Choking Incident

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Matt Barnes Altercation in New York

NBA star Matt Barnes is wanted in questioning by NYPD following claims that he choked a woman inside a Manhattan nightclub early Monday morning. Barnes is accused of attacking the woman during an argument at the Avenue nightclub in the Meatpacking District after his team took a pretty bad loss to the Knicks, final score was 106-98 . Looks like someone is a very poor loser. 

Father-of-two Barnes is then said to have punched two people who tried to intervene, according to the police report. Sources told TMZ that police were called to the nightclub shortly after midnight because calls were coming in that a fight had broken out. Sources reported that at midnight they saw a man assaulting two women and another man. By the time the police showed up Barnes had already left.

TMZ was able to obtain a video that was taken after the incident by Barnes crew. Barnes and his friends appear to talk about the fight. In the video, Matt and his teammate, DeMarcus Cousins are talking about the fight and Cousins is heard saying, “Matt hit the s*** out this ni***!” And now he is wanted in questioning in connection with the fight.

This is not the first time that Barnes has has been in a publicized altercationBarnes infamously feuded over his estranged wife, Gloria Govan, with her new beau,  with the ex-Knicks coach Derek Fisher. Barnes reportedly drove 95 miles to fight Fisher when he discovered the romance last year. Barnes became angry when his 6-year-old twin sons, Carter and Isaiah, called to tell him that Fisher was at the house spending time with his ex.

There is no comment yet from Barnes yet about the incident.

Toby Willis Trial Continued for the Fourth Time

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toby-willis-mugshotFormer reality star Toby Willis is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the alleged rape of a 9- to 10-year-old girl and his stay appears to be extended. Toby, who starred with his family on TLC’s The Willis Family, has had his preliminary hearing continued for the fourth time. The hearing is now scheduled for March 1, 2017, according to an article in the Tennessean.

Until then, Toby will continue to be held in the Cheatham County jail without bond where he has been since September, when he was arrested for one count of child rape. The girl is rumored to be related to Toby.

The reason for the continuation? Toby’s attorney, Michael Shipman, has become concerned about his client’s mental state. He also stated that this was not the first time he had expressed concern for Toby’s competence. It was reported that he told a Cheatham County Judge that he had come to “question [Toby’s] competence” after a recent conversation he had with the former reality star.

The Judge reluctantly agreed to postpone the hearing but wasn’t happy about it. He feels like the case has been sitting for too long already. Toby will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before the new hearing date. That evaluation, which will reportedly take place at a Centerstone facility or the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville, could take up to three months.

For those not familiar with The Willis family is a Christian family band from Tennessee who gained fame on the talent show America’s Got Talent and then got their own TLC reality show. The family consists of 12 kids and their parents Toby and Brenda Willis. The kids are all talented musicians, singers, and composers. They play all different kinds of instruments like the guitar, flute, fiddle and violin among other instruments and write their own Irish-flavored Christian country songs. Toby was arrested on September 9th,  just hours before his family was set to perform a concert at the Felix Martin Jr. Hall in Kentucky. It appears that Brenda is trying to distance herself from her husband and the family has stopped performing for the foreseeable future.



Tyga Sued Again for Late Payments on a Ferrari

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tyga-sued-for-lack-of-payments-on-a-ferarriThis guy again? By our count he has probably paid only about one of his bills on time and keeps getting sued over non payments on multiple high-priced items. This time, Tyga is getting sued for failing to make his lease payments on a red Ferrari 488. Why do people even bother leasing or selling anything to this guy? They should know by now he doesn’t pay his bills.

He was served papers on his birthday a few weeks ago. Kylie’s money suck of a boyfriend showed up at  Penthouse nightclub in WeHo when a guy surprised him and served him with legal documents.  The process server was unceremoniously and forcibly removed from the premise once the papers were served.

The details of the lawsuit have now come to light and TMZ has reported that an individual named Alex Benedict says Tyga failed to pay the lease payments and the repo man went back to work on Nov. 8th. The Ferrari was repossessed twice during the time that Tyga was supposed to be making payments. The car was first repo’d on Aug. 31 for non-payment. Alex for some unknown reason let Tyga lease the car again after striking an unspecified deal. He was supposed to return it on Oct. 9th, but failed to do so. On Nov. 8th, Tyga got another visit from the repo man and the car was repossessed again. Benedict is suing to get at least $150k in damages from lack of payment.

For those of you who are not keeping up with the Tyga’s money/legal woes, here is a quick rundown:

-In November he paid off a $200,000 debt he owed to a jeweler after a judgment was ruled against him. He owed Jason of Beverly Hills for a watch and chain purchased in 2013 that surprise, surprise he didn’t make payments on.

-In February  a repo company was hired to reclaim a 2013 G-Wagon because he hadn’t made payments on the SUV since October.

– In April, he also reportedly owed $450,000 for a Lamborghini Aventador.

-He also owes $120,000 in tax liens.

I guess Kylie has so much money now it doesn’t matter that she is constantly having to pay for his money problems. But can’t she find someone that can at least be somewhat responsible when it comes to their money?


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