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UCLA Medical Center

Kanye is out of the Hospital and Back at Home

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kim-kardashianAfter a delay in his release date, it appears that Kanye has finally come home to his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his kids. He was at the UCLA Medical Center for a week after a metal breakdown. X17 first reported that Kanye had been released.

TMZ reported that he left the hospital under the care of Kim, and his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam. Dr. Farzam was the one who called 911 the day Kanye was admitted. Kanye is not out of the woods yet. He needs ongoing psychological and medical treatment to help him deal with his mental breakdown that was triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s funeral. His mother died in in November 2007 and her funeral was on November 20th of that year. That was the same day that he decided to cancel the rest of his concerts for 2016. There is also speculation that Kanye suffered the breakdown because of lack of sleep and the pressures of touring, running his businesses, parenting and providing emotional support to his wife who was suffering her own emotional trauma after the Paris robbery.

It was reveled that Kanye never properly grieved his mother’s death and he finally reached a breaking point with everything that has been happening over the last few years. Kanye was very close with his mother and found her passing very hard.

The latest rumor is that Kris Kardashian is pushing for Kim to dump Kanye. She fears that Kanye’s erratic behavior is going to negatively affect the Kardashian brand and empire. For month Kris has been trying to get kim to leave Kanye because of his erratic behavior and his out of control spending. Kanye is now in financial trouble after canceling his tour. Kris feels like he is an embarrassment to the Kardashian name.

Mental illness is no joke and we wish the best to him and hope he finally finds some peace when it comes to his mother’s passing.

Kanye Not Yet Cleared to Leave the Hospital

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kanye-west-hospitalizedKanye is still not yet cleared to leave the UCLA Medical Center, where he has been since he was taken there in restraints last week. Sources close to the rap star told TMZ that the original plan was for Kanye to be released today after the holiday but reports coming from the hospital say that Kanye is still struggling with his extreme paranoia and depression.

Apparently, Kanye has been dealing with these issues for a long time and has never death with them until now. Sources close to Kanye say that the paranoia has been building for a long time. After Kanye was taken to the hospital on Monday he was convinced people were out to get him, including the doctors who were caring for him. Sources say for the first part of the treatment, Kanye wouldn’t even let the doctors touch him.

TMZ reported that he was supposed to be released on Monday into the care of his personal physician. However, that plan changed because he still has not recovered from his breakdown last week. As of right now, there is no future plans to release him.

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