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Some Celebrity Baby News to Help You Through the Day

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Russell Brand and Fiancé welcome baby girlToday is one for the history books and for those of us in mourning and hungover, I am going to focus on some fun some celebrity news instead because this political hangover is killing me right now. So instead here is some of celebrity baby news! British funny guy, Russell Brand, and his fiancee Laura Gallacher, 27 welcomed a healthy baby girl. They kept the sex of the baby secret until this announcement. They also announced the name of the baby girl. They decided to name their bundle of joy Mabel. The comedian reportedly made the birth announcement during a performance at the Nottingham Playhouse on Sunday.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Brand Russell revealed that he was looking forward to becoming a father. The comedian told the publication: “I feel lit up by the idea. I’m very excited about becoming a dad and I’m preparing myself” He went on to say that he is overwhelmed with joy about being a father.

On the Jonathan Ross show he spoke very candidly about how he has made major changes in his life to prepare for this huge next step. He said, “I am enjoying monogamy because there is a baby coming.” He spoke of how monogamy has made him a better man. “Some of that is because I’m in a monogamous relationship now so I’m a lot calmer… I like it as a matter of fact. I live a quiet rural life now out in the country… this animal husbandry and this new venture I think will soon put me back on top.”

Russell Brand has had a tough past and appears to be fighting hard to be a better man for this daughter. The comedian has talked very openly about his sex addiction and his struggles in his life.

We wish this couple and their new little baby the best in this crazy, crazy world.


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