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Internet Meme “Cash Me on the Outside” Girl Returns to Dr. Phil

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Dr Phil "Cash me on the outside" meme girlInternet memes have way of exploding on the scene and then taking over all of social media and any kind of digital formats. The latest meme craze to sweep the internet is the “Cash Me Ousside, howbow dah?” girl, Danielle Bregol, who appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2016. Her episode featured both her and her mother, who were constantly fighting with one another due to the daughter’s bad behavior. Danielle had a very interesting way of speaking that made it very hard to understand her. When asked where her “accent” was from, she responded “the streets”. The audience laughed consistently through the show but they were especially blown away by her response to the catcalls from the audience. She called the audience a “bunch of hos” and then shouted out the legendary response, “Cash Me Ousside, howbow dah?”.

That phrase has now reached a fever pitch with the internet. The Youtube clip of the incident has gotten at least a few million views. It has spawned a bunch of memes and it started to appear everywhere. Certain creative people even made musical remixes of some of more choice phrases of the interview. She became the biggest meme of 2017 so far and for those people who want to know what Danielle has been up to since the show, have no fear, she will be returning to Dr. Phil this week.

TMZ caught up with Danielle this last week as she was in LA and asked her a bunch of questions about her newfound fame. She starts to get frustrated with the questions and the flashing lights and then threatens to punch the photographers. When asked if she was going back on Dr. Phil, neither her nor her mother would give a straight answer but it has been confirmed that she will be gracing daytime tv once again. We will for sure be watching this episode of Dr. Phil!

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