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Gypsy Rose Married! Find Out More about the Wedding and Her Husband Here…

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the woman who murdered her abusive mother, has tied the knot with Ryan Scott Anderson on July 21st, 2022. Blanchard, 30, is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence for the murder of her mother in 2016. Blanchard pled guilty to second-degree murder and she will be eligible for parole in 2024. Blanchard was a victim of Munchausen by Proxy. Her mother lied about Gypsy’s symptoms for years and purposely made her sick for attention and monetary gain.

The Livingston County Recorder of Deeds verified the marriage certificate but so far details of the relationship remain quiet. It is not clear on how the couple met, or how long they had been engaged before getting married. All that has been reported is that Anderson is 36 years old and is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. It is also unclear what he does for a living.

Blanchard was engaged before in April of 2019 to another man named Ken. Blanchard’s stepmother confirmed to the media that the pair had split in August of that same year. The two had met through a prison pen pal program. Before the couple split, the family had expressed some concern over the relationship and felt like the couple was moving too fast.

A family friend told InTouch after the first broken engagement Blanchard was dating multiple men and friends were concerned that Blanchard would rush into another engagement again and the men who were seeking her out were only looking for fame. Her friend told InTouch the following, “These are guys from the support groups, the Gypsy support groups,” she explains. “They attached themselves to Gypsy, and a lot of them just want fame. One of the guys was 20 years older; they’ve already broken up. Some of the guys have even gone to the prison to meet Gypsy.”

Blanchard is more than halfway through her prison sentence for the 2016 murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy had enlisted the help of her boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Godejohn to help plan and execute the murder of Dee Dee. Gypsy met Godejohn on a free Christian dating site in 2012. They planned the murder and Godejohn carried it out in the Blanchard family home.

After the murder, the couple ran way back to Godejohn’s home in Wisconsin where the police tracked them down and arrested them soon after the murder. Later it was discovered that Gypsy, who had used a wheelchair to get around, could walk. It was also soon discovered that Gypsy, despite presenting as chronically ill for years, was not sick. Dee Dee started presenting Gypsy as ill from almost the moment Gypsy was born. Dee Dee had doctors perform unnecessary procedures and prescribe unnecessary medications for Gypsy. Dee Dee also shaved Gypsy’s head and lied about her age to complete the ruse. Dee Dee also let Gypsy’s teeth rot and then had them removed. Gypsy wanted to be able to escape the abuse but felt like killing her mother was the only way.

Photo: “Day 100/365 ‘Marry Me?'” by Makena G

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