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Pink is Pregnant with Her Second Child

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Just celeb babies everywhere! The latest celebrity to announce their pregnancy is Pink. There have been rumors about a potential pregnancy due to some slight weight gain. Oh course a celeb eats a burger and gets a food baby and the celeb rumor mill becomes abuzz with rumors of a potential pregnancy. We doubted that Pink was actually pregnant and wanted to wait until confirmation before posting about it. Well turns out, she has finally confirmed it.

The singer, 36, is pregnant with her second child with Corey Hart. She made the announcement on her Instagram page with a beautiful photo of her and her daughter, Willow age 5, with the caption “Surprise!”. The adorable picture shows Pink hugging her baby bump along with her daughter.  Way back in 2013 Pink told  Billboard that she really wanted to have a sibling for her daughter. She said, “My brother is everything to me. So I want her to have family beyond her papa and me. For that reason, I mostly want another one for her to have a lifelong friend,” It took a few years but it looks like they are getting their family wish!

Pink and her husband have had issues in the past and have been on again and off again. Lately they seem to really be getting along and enjoying each other. Pink has also enjoyed being a mother. She often talks to media about her love of motherhood and her love for her daughter. Her Instagram has so many photos of her daughter Willow growing up.

We wish the family the very best on this second baby!


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