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Kim Kardashian Posts Controversial Instagram Ad about Appetite Suppressants

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Kim Kardashian flat tummy co lollipops Another day, another Kardashian in the news. Kim Kardashian is being raked through the coals for an Instagram post that she posted early today. The post featured the reality tv start sucking on a Flat Tummy Co.’s appetite suppressant lollipop with the caption, “#ad You guys… @flatummyco just dropped a new product. They’re Appetite Suppressant Lollipops and they’re literally unreal. They’re giving the first 500 people on their website 15% OFF so it you want to get your hands on some…you need to do it quick! #suckit”Needless to say, the world at large was not impressed. Kardashian currently has about 111 million followers on her Instagram account and many of them expressed their displeasure with the star. People made comments that called Kardashian “vile”, “irresponsible”, and “toxic”.

One of those most outspoken critics of the post was “The Good Place” actress, Jameela Jamil. She tweeted, “You terrible and toxic influence on young girls. MAYBE don’t take appetite suppressors and eat enough to fuel your BRAIN and work hard and be successful. And to play with your kids. And to have fun with your friends. And to have something to say about your life at the end, other than ‘I had a flat stomach.’

The actress also tweeted in celebration when the post was removed. There is some confusion over whether Kardashian took it down or it was reported as a violation of Instagram’s policies.  Jamil posted a tweet that showed a clip of Meryl Streep clapping at cheering at an awards show with the caption, “Kim took the tweet down. Well done twitter people. Bravo.” The post, however, appears to be back up.

The tweet not only angered some people but also raised some eyebrows. The lollipops have no scientific evidence to back up the claims of weight loss. There has been only one active study done of the lollipop’s main active ingredient. The study was performed in 2010 by a French researcher at a low-profile pharmaceutical company on the outskirts of Toulouse. The active ingredient is satiereal, a saffron extract that is sold as a supplement in some wellness stores that has no actual proof of living up to the claims that Kardashian made on her post. Satiereal supposedly activates a neurotransmitter that combats the urge to overeat but there is no actual scientific evidence to back up that claim.

The posted was taken down but now appears to be back at the comments are still overwhelmingly negative. People are continuing to blast her for her tone deaf message. There has been rumors that the post was taken down twice and then it reappeared. People thought that maybe she had heard their pleas and removed it out of respect but turns out that wasn’t the case. The post currently has 1,308,451 likes.


Kim Kardashian Lashes out at Kayne West “Get Out” Memes

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In a 4 minute video that was created for Elle Magazine, Kim Kardashian opens up about some of the wildest headlines in the media and gives her thoughts and opinions on some of the craziest stories out there about the Kardashian clan. Out of all the wild headlines there is one that truly angers the Keeping up With the Kardashian’s main star.

The one thing that Kim gets the most upset about is the comparisons between Kanye West and the Oscar winning movie “Get Out”. For those who don’t know the movie, it is a suspenseful horror movie about a rich white family who uses their daughter to kidnap black people in order to steal their bodies, and replace their brains with an aging or dying rich white person. There is a part in the movie, where the mother uses hypnotism to put the black people into a “sunken place” to make the transition between brains easier.

When talking about the headlines in the video, Kim only had this to say,”Another dumb, fucking Kanye/Get Out reference.It’s like… people are so fucking dumb and stupid.”

The movie is incredible but its clear that the comparison is that Kayne is being held hostage by the Kardashians. The memes reference Kayne being in that sunken place and that Kris Kardashian has hypnotized him to do her bidding. The meme came about when Kayne deleted all his social media and went completely quiet. He seemed to disappear from the limelight he so loved.

Rumors have been swirling that his erratic posts on his social media and seemingly odd interviews were embarrassing the Kardashian matriarch. Sources have claimed that she forced him off his social media to help keep the Kardashian brand intact. There has been no public statements about why Kayne went off social media, so for right now we only have rumors.



Kardashian Paris Robbery Update, Suspects Confess to the Robbery

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Kim Kardashian RobberyThere has been an update about the diamond heist. The French Police have finally made a break in the case and have secured confessions from a few of the robbery suspects this week. Even though many of the suspects were released, the police feel very confident in the confessions and the case they are building against the remaining suspects.

It was reported that three out of the sixteen suspects were released this week but that theys till had fourteen people still in custody. Still in custody are Gary M., 27, a former driver for Kardashian. His brother, Michael, the man who drove her during her stay in Paris, was released last night. It is not known if Gary is among the suspects who confessed.

There has been a rumor floating around that the Robbery was an inside job. The robbers knew the exact perfect time to strike when Kim would be by herself and at her hotel room. So is comes as no surprise that her driver was one of the people who were arrested in connection with the robbery.

Concurrently, the French Police are working with law enforcement in Belgium which is where they believe that the stolen jewels ended up after the heist. Two of the suspects, “Aomar A-K” and “Marceau B” were thought to have fled to Antwerp, in following  the heist. Belgium has a “Black Market” for diamonds and several men that were arrested have ties to this illegal market. Law enforcement sources in Belgium told TMZ that their federal police force is investigating, sources say that getting the jewels back will be next to impossible. Three months have passed since they were stolen and chances are they have already been sold off.

We hope that the breaks that have come in the case lately will help put Kim’s mind at ease. During and interview, Khloe said that Kim is still suffering from PTSD from the event.



French Police have Suspects in Custody in Kardashian Robbery

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00-holding-kim-kardashian-robbery French Police have revealed that they believe that they have captured all the suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery from last October. The arrests of 17 alleged veteran armed robbers behind the multi-million dollar heist in Paris included 3 women and the rest were men. Kim’s attorney says that this latest update hopefully will help his client fund closure and end the trauma that she has been suffering since the robbery occurred.

The coordinated raids over the weekend rounded up the gang, including a ‘major thug’ in his 70s, two diamond dealers and lots of long rap sheets amongst the rest of the suspects. The French Police believe that they have captured the entire gang involved in the heist. They suspects were arrested in both Paris and the south of France. One of the suspects nicknamed ‘Mr Bigs’ has been partially identified as Pierre B., a ‘career villain’ living in Grasse, in the south of France. ‘Mr. Big’ is a 72-year-old who has made millions through counterfeit money in the past. The suspects can be held for up to 96 hours before being charged or released.

It has been found out that the French police were able to track the suspects down due to a DNA  that was found on a piece of tape used to gag Kim Kardashian during the robbery. After three months of checking the DNA sample against samples of numerous suspects, it was finally connected to a well-known criminal who had been involved in numerous armed robberies. He has not been named yet.

Kim’s attorney, Jean Veil, made this statement regarding the arrests, “I welcome this with great satisfaction.” He went on to say that, “These arrests are a nice surprise because on the one hand, it will perhaps make it possible to find the jewelry. On the other hand, it puts an end to the outrageous speculation by some, who thought it was intelligent to pretend that this robbery was staged, or a publicity stunt organized by Ms. Kardashian.”

We were torn on whether this was a publicity stunt at first but now we feel like it wasn’t. We hope that she can now start recovering from this traumatic incident.



Kanye is out of the Hospital and Back at Home

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kim-kardashianAfter a delay in his release date, it appears that Kanye has finally come home to his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his kids. He was at the UCLA Medical Center for a week after a metal breakdown. X17 first reported that Kanye had been released.

TMZ reported that he left the hospital under the care of Kim, and his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam. Dr. Farzam was the one who called 911 the day Kanye was admitted. Kanye is not out of the woods yet. He needs ongoing psychological and medical treatment to help him deal with his mental breakdown that was triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s funeral. His mother died in in November 2007 and her funeral was on November 20th of that year. That was the same day that he decided to cancel the rest of his concerts for 2016. There is also speculation that Kanye suffered the breakdown because of lack of sleep and the pressures of touring, running his businesses, parenting and providing emotional support to his wife who was suffering her own emotional trauma after the Paris robbery.

It was reveled that Kanye never properly grieved his mother’s death and he finally reached a breaking point with everything that has been happening over the last few years. Kanye was very close with his mother and found her passing very hard.

The latest rumor is that Kris Kardashian is pushing for Kim to dump Kanye. She fears that Kanye’s erratic behavior is going to negatively affect the Kardashian brand and empire. For month Kris has been trying to get kim to leave Kanye because of his erratic behavior and his out of control spending. Kanye is now in financial trouble after canceling his tour. Kris feels like he is an embarrassment to the Kardashian name.

Mental illness is no joke and we wish the best to him and hope he finally finds some peace when it comes to his mother’s passing.

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